Digidesign 002 Rack Factory BundleDIGIDESIGN 002 RACK – FACTORY BUNDLE EDITION

Digi 002 Rack Features:
8 discrete analog inputs (4 mic/line/instrument (DI) preamps; phantom power selectable in two channel increments).
Alternate Source Input for monitoring -10 dBV audio equipment (tape players, CD players, etc.) directly to the monitor outputs.
8 discrete analog outputs, all balanced/unbalanced +4 levels, plus a separate balanced/unbalanced monitor output.
24-bit/96 kHz converters.
> 108 dB Dynamic Range; > 98 dB (0.002%) THD+N.
Monitor output includes dedicated volume control knob.
Headphone output includes dedicated volume control knob.
8 channels of ADAT optical I/O.
2 channels of S/PDIF I/O.
MIDI I/O – 1 input port/2 output ports (16 channels in/32 out.

Digi 002 Facory Plug Ins:
Bomb Factory BF-3A Compressor by Bomb Factory,a cool varrian of the classic LA-2A. Adds smooth warmth and fatness to any track. And two knob design for idiot-proof efficiency.

Trening personalny Kraków

moogerfooger Ring Modulator by Bomb Factory, for violent, clangorous tones and startling lo-fi effects. Add some edgy friction to your mix, or goo all the way for full metal racket.
moogerfooger Analog Delay by Bomb Factory, before digital and after tape echos there was the „bucket brigade analogue capacitor” delay, know for its fuzzy warmth.
SansAmp PSA-1 by Bomb Factory, a digital version of a great analogue guitar amp simulator evokes the grind of many vintage amps. Great for guitars, basses, as well as vocals drums and synths.
Cosmonaut Voice by Bomb Factory, a very funcky distortion/filter plug-in. Remember your first PA system.
JOEMEEK SC2 Compressor by Bomb Factory,a compressor with it’s own personality.
JOEMEEK VC5 Meequalizer by Bomb Factory, a digital 3 band EQ that started life in a tobacco tin.
Tel-Ray Variable Delay by Bomb Factory, no tobacco tin, this delay started with a fan belt, a transucer and a tin of deadly oil.
Voce® Spin by Bomb Factory, a digital rotating speaker Hammond B3 organ.
Voce Chorus/Vibrato by Bomb Factory, another B3 memory, chorus and vibrato.

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