Korg ToneWorks AX1500G Guitar Modeller

The AX1500G gives you 56 types of essential amps and effects including realistic delay, chorus, spring reverb, tape echo, acoustic simulations, cabinet models, and more. It features 48 preset and 48 user programs. Knob-style interface allows rapid, intuitive editing. It includes an expression pedal for realtime control, sample-and-play looping with reverse, a phrase trainer function, tuner, and metronome. Gives you great sound, both through the amp and direct. Includes power supply.

Trening personalny Kraków

Uses Korg’s REMS modeling technology.
56 essential amp and effects models.
Realistic simulations of delay, chorus, spring reverb, tape echo, acoustic guitars, cabinet models, and more.
48 preset programs and 48 user programs.
Knob-style interface for rapid, intuitive editing.
Expression pedal for realtime control.
Sample-and-play looping function with reverse.
Phrase trainer function for easy riff learning.
Includes tuner and a metronome.
Effects: 56 types (maximum number of effects available simultaneously: eight).
Programs: 96 (48 preset, 48 user).
Inputs: Guitar input (1/4″ phone jack), AUX IN (stereo mini jack).
Outputs: 2 x 1/4″ phone jacks, stereo mini headphone jack.
Tuner: Auto Chromatic Tuner, Measurement range: 27.5Hz-2,093Hz (A0-C7), Calib. A=438-445Hz.
Metronome tempo: bpm=40-208.
Power supply: DC9V (AC adapter).
Dimensions: 16.54″W x 2.57″H x 7.43″D.
Weight: 5.29 lbs.
Accessories: AC adapter.

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