The 828mkII provides 20 inputs and 22 outputs, including 10 channels of pristine 96kHz analog recording and playback, combined with 8 channels of ADAT digital I/O and stereo S/PDIF. Expand your system by connecting additional 828 or 896 FireWire audio interfaces.

Trener personalny Kraków
Trening personalny Kraków

The 828mkII is equally well-suited for studio and stage, with or without a computer. As a computer interface, the 828mkII provides 20 separate inputs and 22 outputs, including separate main outs and headphone out. The two mic/guitar/instrument inputs feature analog, pre-amplified sends which allow you to insert your favorite outboard EQ, compressor, guitar amp, reverb or other effects processor before the signal goes digital. Use any input as a return.

The 828mkII provides DSP-driven digital mixing and monitoring for all 20 inputs. You can connect mics, guitars, synths and effects processors, and monitor everything from the 828mkII’s main outs or headphone jack with no separate mixer needed and no latency. The 828mkII supports up to four separate stereo monitor mixes assigned to any four digital or analog output pairs. For example, separate monitor mixes could be set up for the main outs and headphone outs, while two additional stereo buses could be used for send/return loops to reverb units or other outboard gear. Each mix can support all 20 inputs (8 TRS analog, 2 mic, 8 ADAT optical digital and stereo SPDIF digital). A new „CueMix Bounce Back” feature lets you route one of the four CueMix DSP mixes back to the computer. This allows you to record your entire mix, including monitored inputs, back into the computer.

19″ FireWire audio interface.
10 analogue I/O in 24 Bit 96kHz (2x XLR/1/4″ combos, XLRs with phantom power, 1/4″ high-Z guitar).
8 channels of ADAT digital I/O.
1 stereo S/PDIF.
2 front panel mic/guitar inputs.
2 analogue main outs, with CueMix Plus Monitoring no latency for the live-inputs.
ADAT I/O or S/PDIF optical with TOS-Link.
Word clock input and output for synchronization.
Hands free punch in/out pedal connection.
Headphone out.
Univeral power supply 110-220v.
MacOS 9.x + 10.x, WindowsME/2000/XP.
Incl. AudioDesk Software for MacOS.

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