Vox Valvetronix ToneLab SE Modelling Pedal

This new modelling pedalboard processor delivers VOX’s acclaimed modelling technology (as found in the Valvetronix series amps and ToneLab), plus expanded modelling options and assignable, dual expression pedals for total control. ToneLab SE employs VOX’s 12AX7-driven Valve Reactor(tm) circuit to recreate the sound and feel of a variety of tube guitar amps. It offers faithful models of 16 spectacular amps, plus 11 cabinet models, for unmatched modeling realism. Also included are 50 stomp boxes and effects (up to 7 can be used simultaneously) that model vintage and popular effects such as compression, overdrive, chorus, tremolo, rotary speaker, acoustic simulation, tape echo, and auto wah. Any combination of amp, cabinet, and effect settings can be saved as one of 96 programs. Two channels (A and B) of amp/cabinet settings can be saved in each program, so you can switch smoothly between rhythm and lead sounds. Other features include send/return jacks for other pedals; an Amp/Line selector for connection to guitar amps, power amps, mixers, or even to record direct; a headphone out; MIDI IN/OUT; and a built-in Korg digital tuner. Editor software is available as a free download from www.valvetronix.com.

Trener personalny Kraków
Trening personalny Kraków

VOX Valve Reactor (using a 12AX7/ECC83 dual triode as a power amp tube) circuit delivers the sound and feel of actual tube power amps.
16 built-in amp models, 11 cabinet models, 26 stompbox effect models from the Valvetronix series.
33 stereo effect models, including 11 modulation, 11 delay, and 11 reverb types, with routable spatial-type effects.
Knob-based interface for quick and intuitive editing.
Heavy-duty construction.
Assignable control pedals for setting tap tempo and switching effects on/off.
Two assignable expression pedals for controlling wah, volume, and more.
A/B channel switch lets you change between two amps/cabinets within a single program.
Program area can store 96 different sounds (including 32 preset programs).
Convenient send/return jacks for connecting external effects such as distortion/overdrive.
Dedicated editing software lets you edit and save sounds using your computer.
MIDI In/Out: Free downloadable PC-compatible editor/librarian software.
Programs and parameters can be changed externally via MIDI.
Auto Chromatic Tuner allows you to tune while your instrument is muted.
Deluxe carry bag is included.
Power supply is included.

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